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The Predator faces Rykov in an attempt to recover its original mask to restore honor. However, there's a big bug that the Predator must eliminate first...

NOTE: Remember that this run is not meant to show-off or use honorable strategies. Getting right down to the point is my goal. So what if I spam the Plasmacaster? So what if I spam the Plasma Pistol? Since the Predator is the weakest character in this game, it is advisable to play cheap. You're not forced to play cheap, but that's the recommendation when you're ambushed. Combi-Stick and Wristblades are too slow, as shown in the earlier segments.

TIP: And hurting myself with the Plasma Pistol prior to the Queen fight is intentional. It's a trick to get rid of the fog that's blinding you from ambushes. This isn't necessary to win, but I am showing you how it's done. Be sure to have at least 3 sets of health points before you attempt this. Depending on who you face, switch to that vision mode. Aim down at your feet and use the Pistol's alternate fire to stun yourself, then quickly switch back to that vision mode. As soon as you're free to move, the fog will disappear. Be sure to charge up your energy, heal, and then re-charge before you proceed. Be warned that if you switch vision modes again, you'll have to re-do it again as it does reset.

Video recorded and game-played by DemonicXeno.

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